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Why Pando Analytics?

Analytics reveals insights that can be used to improve every aspect of your business because what you don’t know certainly can hurt you, at the very least, it can’t help you either. Pando Analytics provides Web Analytics and Social Media services to improve customer engagement, retention and much more. We assist businesses or individuals establish or expand their web presence through complex analysis of the behavior of the visitors that come to their website. After we implement Web Analytics into your company, and create custom reports and analysis, we exercise our expertise to increase your companies reach, recognition and profitability.






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Key Actions

SOAR With Pando


We identify where you are doing well to lend momentum to areas that have room to improve.


We analyze internal and external threats and weaknesses and turn them into opportunities for growth.


At Pando, the insight provided by our Analytics doesn’t only look at where you are but helps you reach where you would like to be.


Our detailed reporting lets you know when your goals have been achieved.

Existing Customer Refinement and Customer Micro-segment Identification

We maximize the the value of your existing customer base by ensuring the right customers are targeted with your goods and services. We also help you identify populations withing your existing customer base which have a high likelihood of positive response to cross-selling.

Landing Page Optimization

A Landing Page is the home page of your website. This is typically the first exposure a customer has to your businesses web presence or digital personality. First impressions are important, we help you make a great one!

Ongoing Analysis

We offer daily/weekly status meetings, health checks and on-demand reporting.

Reports We Provide

Our Top 5 Most Popular Reports

Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

Our KPI report is the most popular report as it combines data provided by our other popular reports as well as numerous additional reports to provide a complete analysis of your website.

Social Media Performance

We analyze internal and external threats and weaknesses and turn them into opportunities for growth.

Traffic and Conversion

Discover your most visited web pages (Traffic) as well as how often those visits end up becoming product/service purchases (Conversion).

User Behavior

Ever wonder if users are annoyed with the pop-up advertising on your website and how much time they actually spend on your site? Do you ever wonder how much of an impact your blog or website articles make? User Behavior Analytics offer these insights as well as many more.

Visitor Profile/Demographic Reports

Gain insight into where your website visitors are located. This proves to be a tremendous benefit for effective marketing.

Other Reports We Offer

Mobile Analytics

Device Type

Discover what devices people use to access your website, such as, what percentage of users visit your site from a Tablet or SmartPhone.


Very important if you have certain OEM engagement with your services. Allows insights such as seeing how often your website is accessed from Apple devices.

Operating System

See how many Windows, Linux, iOS, Android and other types of users engage with your site.



Cookie tracking; analyze the habits of your website visitors even after they have left your site.

Time Spent on Page

Very beneficial for analyzing the impact of an article or other informational page on your site.

Bounce and Single Page Visits

See which pages contribute to users leaving your website as well as the page users most frequently visit per leaving.

Exit Link

Information regarding the links your website visitors click on which lead out of your site.

Traffic Metrics

Page Views

Discover your most popular pages as well as the ones that are underperforming.


The number of times people visit your website.

Unique Visitors

Distinguish between total number of website visits, which includes a users repeat visits, as well as how many unique/individual clients visit your site.

Time spent per Visit

Identify pages that contribute to high visitor engagement as well as the ones that need improvement to keep visitors on your site longer.

Traffic Sources

Referring Domain

Sites and links typically outside of your website which lead clients to your website.

Referrer Type

Avenues by which clients end up at your site, such as via social media (Twitter, Facebook…), email link, search engine, and other websites.

Search Engines and Paid Search Traffic Report

Allows you to know which Search Engines (Google, Bing, Etc.) your site does well with (you site is easily found by a visitor). This report assists in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) as it is difficult for your website to do well if potential visitors do not quickly see your site listed (typically the first page of search results) when searching for a product/service that you provide. The Paid Search Traffic Report informs you on the ability of your web ads (such as Facebook or LinkedIn Ads) to drive traffic to your website.

Keyword Search (Natural and Paid)

SEO is critical to Natural Keyword Search results. A Natural Keyword is the word or words a potential visitor places in a search engine. For example, if you sell bagels in Atlanta, Georgia, proper SEO is crucial to your website showing within the first few results listed. Paid Keywords and also known as PPC (Pay-Per-Click) campaigns. This is when you pay a search engine to list your website higher in search results. So if your website is Bob’s Bagels and it’s located in Atlanta, when the user searches for bagels in Atlanta, Paid Keywords will help you be listed among the first results even if another bagel shop is physically closer to the potential visitor.

Visitor Profile

Visitor Domain

Provides the ISP a visitor is using to access your website. This is especially useful if you are targeting customers from a specific organization (such as a University) or are running a marketing campaign with a particular ISP, such as AT&T or Comcast.


Lists the language the visitors web browser is set in. This report in conjunction with a visitors locale gives a more detailed account of their demographic. For example, you may receive 1000 visits from Spain in a month but 400 of those visitors may have their primary language set as English. Knowing this allows for better customer targeting.

Time Zones

Discover which Time Zone users are in when they visit your site. This eliminates extra work of only knowing a customers physical location and having to manually calculate what their local time was during their visit.


Shows the countries your website is most and least visited from (United States, Germany, Japan, Etc.).


The areas of the world from which your site is visited (North America, Asia, Africa, Etc.).

Visitor Retention

Return Visits

The number of visitors who have been to your site before.

Visit Number

The total number of visitors to your site withing a given time frame (a day, week, month, Etc.).

Return Frequency

How often or the time interval in which a visitor returns to your site (every day, week, Etc).