Strengths Opportunities Aspirations Results

SOAR diverges from the traditional SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) approach for analysis. SOAR essentially covers the same aspects as SWOT but approaches analysis from a positive results-driven perspective.

SOAR With Pando


Pando Analytics identifies what your website, Social Media or business already does well as well as why those areas are doing well. These strengths should by built upon.


Not only under-performing areas are identified Pando Analytics assists in the implementation of knew channels fro growth. This can include new website pages/content, new Social Media engagement methods as well as establishing a presence on Social Media platforms you currently do not use.


At Pando we are about growth. We do not simply analyze where you are but also provide accurate forecasting to grow your business and your reach.


We do not settle for just identifying threats to your web presence, we help you with the remediation of those threats through a results-drive approach.